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Established in 1999, Centare Group is a leading provider of agile training, coaching services, and custom software development to Fortune 1000 clients throughout the United States. With offices in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago, Centare provides expert technical resources to companies seeking to grow their enterprise, mobile, and cloud-computing e-business markets. PPC was introduced to the owners of Centare by the Company’s outside legal counsel during 2012 and was engaged shortly thereafter to explore strategic alternatives for the business. The engagement strategy designed and executed by PPC included a targeted audience of strategic parties encompassing software companies and business services enterprises, as well as a group of private equity firms with deep industry experience in software and business services. PPC’s engagement approach resulted in multiple options for the owners to consider, and after considering their alternatives, a transaction involving Chicago-based Hadley Capital proved to be the optimal choice for the selling shareholders. In addition to satisfying the owners’ economic objectives, the transaction with a private equity firm allowed the Company’s senior management to become part of a new ownership group, while also keeping Centare as an independent privately-owned entity.