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Serigraph, Inc.

Serigraph, Inc. is a global leader in decorative graphics and technologies serving the appliance, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, power sports, retail, and other markets. By providing innovative, eye-catching technologies and services, Serigraph enables clients to differentiate their brands and stand out at the point of the purchasing decision. Based in West Bend, Wisconsin, the Company’s products range from graphics for the instrument cluster in a car, to the control panel on a dishwasher, to promotional displays advertising sandwiches and soft drinks in a fast-food restaurant.

As activity across the Company’s end markets continues to grow, Serigraph’s revenue and working capital needs continue to expand. Given these trends, and the resulting future financing needs of the business, the Company’s advisors recommended that Serigraph’s ownership and leadership team have a conversation with Promontory Point Capital. PPC was engaged during the second quarter of 2019 to evaluate additional financing alternatives for Serigraph, inclusive of exploring both bank and non-bank funding options to address the Company’s goals. After soliciting several competing financing proposals on Serigraph’s behalf, PPC recommended moving forward with an asset-based financing package offered by Wells Fargo Bank.

In addition to preparing a Financing Memorandum for Serigraph, soliciting interest from a targeted group of bank and non-bank lenders, and assisting in the negotiation of financing proposals, Promontory Point Capital managed all financial diligence activities through the closing of the transaction. Serigraph’s new capital structure funded by Wells Fargo Bank provides the Company added funding availability and borrowing flexibility, with market-competitive pricing. Promontory Point Capital closed this transaction during September of 2019.