Tapco/TCT Group

Founded in 1982, Tapco Circuit Supply is a Chicago-based national distributor of products and services to the U.S. printed circuit board industry. The Company has worldwide supplier relationships encompassing lamination products, process chemistries, and drill room supplies required by U.S. printed circuit board manufactures that look to Tapco for their diverse product set and technical expertise. Promontory Point Capital was first introduced to Tapco Circuit Supply in 2010 and, over a successful five year relationship, PPC assisted the Company and family ownership group in achieving a variety of objectives involving securing financing, designing and implementing profit improvement plans, evaluating potential acquisition opportunities, as well as other strategic initiatives. Given the attractive M&A market experienced during 2015, the ownership group decided to explore strategic options for two of Tapco’s business segments. Tapco’s drill room and lamination products businesses were viewed by several international companies as attractive targets which would provide direct access to the U.S. printed circuit board industry. After evaluating a variety of strategic alternatives, Tapco divested of these two business segments to Taiwanese-based TCT Group. The sale transaction was completed during July of 2015.