Interior Systems

Founded in 1979, Interior Systems, Inc. (“ISI”) is a privately-owned, niche provider of design, project management, manufacturing, and installation services to the restaurant, education, hospitality, and other selected retail, commercial, and institutional markets.  Industry leaders such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Applebee’s, Kohler, Ferguson, Target, and many others rely on ISI’s complete turnkey offering to create unique interiors that differentiate their commercial or retail position to the marketplace.  Over the Company’s 35+ year history, ISI has delivered on its “Think. Create. Build.” tagline through the management of interior design projects around the globe for its clients.

Several years ago, Promontory Point Capital (“PPC”) was introduced to the owners of ISI to advise on the founder’s longer-term objectives involving an ownership transition.  With an industry-leading position built through creative professionals, strong customer and channel relationships, and an overall focus on excellence, a critical aspect of PPC’s engagement involved the identification of potential strategic partners that would have a true appreciation for ISI’s core values.

After researching ISI’s commercial and institutional markets and identifying the key players growing within these sectors, PPC approached Chicago-based Elkay Manufacturing Co. (“Elkay”).  While most known for its extensive line of stainless steel sinks and drinking fountains, American-owned Elkay has a growing presence in many of ISI’s traditional restaurant, retail, and other commercial markets.  After several meetings, the two businesses realized that they shared a similar set of core values and that a number of strategic benefits would be achieved through a combined effort.  Following preliminary discussions among the parties resulting in a signed Letter of Intent, Elkay closed on its acquisition of Interior Systems, Inc. during January of 2017. Read the Press Release