MasterGraphics, Inc. (“MGI”) provides technology-enabling solutions to a variety of architectural firms, engineering businesses, product designers, and manufacturers throughout the Upper Midwest.  Supportive of the Company’s expertise in technology, MGI is a well-respected Autodesk® Platinum Partner, the software company best known for AutoCAD and a broad range of other software products used in various design and engineering markets.  With headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin and offices in Milwaukee, Appleton, Chicago, and Minneapolis, MGI has evolved over its 65 year history as a preferred technology partner providing hardware, software, training, and services to a growing client base.

Over the past few years, MGI’s business segments have become increasingly specialized with its manufacturing clients seeking additional capabilities involving engineering technologies and prototyping solutions.  In an effort to refocus MGI’s resources on its legacy architectural, engineering, and design clientele, the Company embarked on a strategic initiative involving MGI’s manufacturing-focused Autodesk® and DataWorks MGI business segment.  Through a transaction involving St. Louis-based D3 Technologies, a well-respected organization focused on Autodesk® solutions and related services for the manufacturing sector, PPC facilitated MGI’s divestiture of its manufacturing technology solutions business.  The closing of this strategic transaction was announced in May of 2017.  Read the press release.