Regal Ware

Headquartered in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, Regal Ware is an original equipment manufacturer focused on the manufacturing, distributing, and selling of high-quality cookware to a global customer base. The Company’s legacy dates back to 1911 and the business has expanded through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The Company’s brand portfolio is led by Saladmaster®, an industry-leading brand which was acquired in 1979 and supported Regal Ware’s transition into the direct-to-consumer market. Regal Ware operates in 60+ countries with global capabilities led by its major manufacturing center located in West Bend, Wisconsin. 

Throughout its history, Regal Ware has focused its core manufacturing capabilities on a specific subset of products allowing the Company to increase manufacturing speed while maintaining exceptional quality. This focused approach created an opportunity for Regal Ware to become the leading manufacturer for certain product brands offered by other emerging cookware businesses. As Regal Ware leadership desired to diversify its revenue stream by leveraging its proven manufacturing and supply chain core competencies, Promontory Point Capital was engaged to explore this strategic initiative.

PPC’s engagement included helping Regal Ware develop a framework for evaluating strategic growth opportunities, including manufacturing partners, acquisitions, and joint ventures. One such branded cookware business (company name subject to confidentiality agreements) grew its business by bringing restaurant-quality, performance kitchenware to home cooks around the world. As this branded cookware business contemplated how to best address its future growth plans, Regal Ware’s worldwide footprint and reputation for manufacturing excellence resulted in an ideal strategic match. PPC advised Regal Ware on a new strategic manufacturing arrangement with this branded cookware business supporting one of the Company’s key long-term diversification initiatives.