Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services

Whether your Company is trying to grow externally via merger, acquisition, joint venture, or strategic collaboration, does your organization have the resources and experience necessary to successfully accomplish this objective? While your strategic plan may have a specific objective to grow externally, this objective typically goes unfulfilled from year-to-year through a passive approach to acquisitions. An active approach is the only serious and successful way to accomplish this objective.

Most privately-held businesses do not have a dedicated Corporate Development Department. No different than relying on outside professionals for tax expertise, legal counsel, human resource administration, etc., many companies find it is more effective and efficient to outsource specialist functions to experienced and dedicated professionals. The principals at PPC are experienced at representing companies seeking to grow externally and have been involved in initiating numerous M&A and related transaction activities key to executing successful growth strategies.

PPC is retained by companies as their outsourced Corporate Development Department. Each client has unique needs and each engagement begins by first discussing and understanding the business and owner’s objectives. We then tailor a dedicated program beginning with the development of realistic criteria consistent with the identified objectives. Considerations may include entrance into additional geographical markets, accessing new product segments or industries, broadening product lines, or enhancing distribution capabilities. Once a “strike zone” of criteria is established, PPC searches and screens candidates through our proprietary databases and networks to identify businesses that meet our client’s criteria. As your advisor, we make all of the confidential inquiries and contacts with potential sellers and partners. After establishing dialog, we further prequalify these candidates relative to a transaction including discussions on timing, owner succession, and valuation expectations.

Each qualified candidate is presented exclusively to our client by PPC and, if an interest exists, we arrange for an initial meeting between the parties for further exploration. Where financing is needed by our client, our investment banking experience augments our corporate development services, as PPC can assist in the structuring and securing of the appropriate capital to successfully consummate the transaction. By employing an active approach, PPC can assure the achievement of your company’s growth objectives.

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What our clients say

“I highly recommend to business owners and CEO’s to always use a competent advisor such as Promontory when raising capital or engaging in M&A activity. Your team is well suited for both and will undoubtedly serve others well …”

Matt Boettner
President and CEO, ASG

“Working with PPC was a pleasure.Your firm played a key role in helping Pierce Engineers Inc. plan and navigate our internal transition plan from senior ownership to new ownership within our firm for years to come.You were both hands on in our discussions and process and presented us with many options to consider along our path to transition.”

Randy Elliott
President, Pierce Engineers, Inc.

“Through the process, PPC and Bill Penkwitz, its lead partner on the deal, provided outstanding guidance; exceptional understanding and management of the process; consistent, clear and fast-response communications with all parties; and a great sensitivity to hitting transaction milestones …”

Tom Magulski
Titan, Inc

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PPC brings deep financial and strategic expertise to the table along with a fresh perspective from the outside market. Please contact us to discuss your objectives.

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